Social volunteering - it is selfless help to others - not material, but active. And yet - this is self-realization, the opportunity to learn and develop, a new circle of friends and sometimes even a new profession and career.
Do you drive? Do you know foreign languages? Can you take pictures, shoot videos? Needlework? Are you full of ideas? Are you just a responsible person with a desire to help? Then you will definitely like our volunteer projects!

Volunteer - this is a vocation to bring joy and happiness to those who need it, this is a vocation that does not depend on gender, age and education.

That is why, if you feel the strength and desire to do good and enjoy it, if you want to be useful, if the main thing is the gratitude of the people you have helped, welcome to our friendly team! Becoming a volunteer, you will not only help other people, but also get many benefits for yourself, namely:

- Learn to work in a team, solve problems and find compromises;
- Make new friends and useful contacts;
- Feel yourself necessary and important, become more confident in yourself;
- Learn to be responsible and organized;
- Change your life and get an important experience.
Fill out the form and we will get to know each other closer!

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