From personal experience I had to go trough incredibly difficult period of my life. Resuscitation, lack of blood, fractures ... it is scary to remember how the soil leaves under the feet. The main thing is to breathe deeply when you remember something unpleasant and do not panic. You must know that there are people near you who have passed this path with dignity and want to help. If you have faith, confidence and a desire to overcome difficulties - you will definitely get well, and we will help you.

Operation - is only 50% of success.

Frankly speaking, rehabilitation plays a global role after operation! After all, when the bones grow together so quickly you can not run on business. You should be patient and know that there is a solution! And we know a lot about this. Having gone through medical mistakes that lengthened and complicated the path, we know how to lead you! Full support of professionals, psychological support and financial assistance.

You can handle it, don’t give up!


   My grandfather once told me a story from childhood and a tear ran down his cheek. This fragment struck into my memory, when I was 7 years old.
At that time he became a self-sufficient, successful and very wealthy man. But the memory of what he saw as a boy during the famine brought him pain.
   Having matured, he helped many families not only with food, but also built houses for people. 
At the same time, he never forgot to really pamper his loved ones.
Thanks to him, we remember so much that is beautiful and good!
    I will try to continue his noble work, in memory of such sensitive and beautiful personalities like him. In memory of my grandfather, 

Goloborodko Mikhail Efremovich.

We offer to join us in the help for those who are less fortunate than us:

 With the funds received, we will provide:

food: Fruits, vitamins for the orphanages, and also in the city of Uzhgorod, there is a van with fresh food, everyone can have a free hot lunch. A volunteer for help is needed. You can fill out a volunteer form here. Also you can donate clothers: (many orphanages and schools always need clothes and if you are not indifferent, we are ready to accept and provide children and teenagers with everything you will give. Specify needs by mail


A common question in practice: Does time heal?
Answer: This belief that time heals is the removal of responsibility from oneself and shifting to circumstances. Time does not heal If you dull the pain in yourself, hide the feelings and do not know how to work with your consciousness, this can lead a person to destruction, both outside and inside. To be honest with oneself, to be able to live with dignity what happened is a way out, and not wait and hope for time. Our methodology organically combines psychotherapeutic techniques and individually selected somato-sensory exercises designed to increase the patient's motivation for recovery and speedy socialization.

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