Believe in yourself! Even when it seems that the world has collapsed. Because usually it’s only the wall that has collapsed, separating you from your true intention - to be yourself and be happy! 

Many of you know about the incredible incident in my life, the explosion of a car and the incredible rescue of me and my little daughter that day, about the artificially and forcibly knocked out support from under my feet.

  I know from personal experience what it is to survive, what it is like to hear the doctors say that: “she has a maximum of five days,” and inside she shouted: “I am alive, I can handle it!”, As it’s not just when introduced into a medical dream wandering around and trying to find a way out, and the way out was only when leaving this dream and then it became clear to the head, and this feeling is priceless. Nearby was my mother, who, like a guardian angel, having left work and her personal life, flew over a thousand kilometers and thanks to her they began to save me. Many were surprised how quickly I recovered, but then I was surprised, because I had to climb to the top for an additional 2.5 years due to the negligence of trauma doctors.

I happened to fall into the hands of traumatologists - pests, after which, when the bones fully healed, they removed a huge gypsum, I had to correct the mistakes in Europe for a year and a half, which means breaking everything again.

There is new information that a successful operation is 50% success, where to find a rehabilitologist who will take up such a difficult case.

And I found him. Vladimir Sabadosh did so much for me, I have learned how to get up and sit on my own a month later, taking the fact that I was not moving at that time of our meeting for 1.5 year. This is all to the fact that I do not just know how to overcome the obstacle, but I understand who to contact and in which doctor I can find support! More on this later.

This is only a small part.

Today I don’t have a sense of sacrifice and self-pity. There is a path traveled and a desire to help people who find themselves in difficult life post-traumatic situations. And also to prevent such cases by helping to form in the mind new positive neural connections. After all, it is difficult for a healthy person to imagine a bedridden day, let alone for a week, a month, a year ...

I have a whole range of ambulance plans for public health.

First of all, I received my third higher education certificate and became a psychologist. Note, the psychologist is not just the owner of the diploma, this is a person who has passed at least 200 hours of personal therapy, studied literature and cases outside the university, a person who is constantly studying to be on the wave of new research, thereby transmitting it in a more accessible form to patients, as well as to the clients of my separate psychological projects.

I give people my personal experience of overcoming situations, a lot of uneasy information, respect for everyone’s feelings and tremendous power in motivation to lift many from their knees, or maybe out of a hole, because I have managed to get out of there myself.

I do not have a goal to claim that I know everything, but I have a desire, education, experience and a plan of action, that were collected with will, even in a fragile fist, which gives an incredible result to society.

To help a society to which I have respect and faith in changes for the better, for the sake of our children.

With respect and kindness to my family and ancestors.
Tselovalnykova Nataly Alekseevna.

“The bird sitting on the branch is not afraid that the branch will break. Because she does not trust the branch, but her own wings. ”

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